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Keeping the patient in sight

At Ummon HealthTech, we envision a world where algorithms improve patient care worldwide through earlier, more accurate and more affordable cancer diagnosis.

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Artificial intelligence in pathology


By using mathematics and deep learning, we help pathologists identify cancerous cells more accurately and earlier. Our platform provides end-to-end data-driven pathology analysis, resulting in fats,a accurate and standardized pathologic diagnoses.

Ummon HealthTech has patented a proprietary AI-powered platform for pathology analysis. We are currently focusing on bringing to the market a “Software as a Medical Device” for immunostaining detection.

Our long-term strategy is to develop predictive models to truly improve cancer diagnosis and treatment. All our softwares are meant to not only improve the pathologist sensitivity, but also and more importantly his specificity.

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Chief Technical Officer

Georges Igor<br>Chagvardieff

Georges Igor

Chief Operating Officer

A passion for excellence

Useful algorithms for high-value medicine

The founding team is distinguished by its skills and understanding of the real stake of pathology: clinical relevance.

Having trainings in mathematics (Ecole Polytechnique), computer science (Ecole Normale Supérieure) and medicine (Faculté de Médecine de Lyon-Est), the two founders gather themselves around a common desire: provide practical solutions that are clinically relevant and easy to use for medical practice.

Prizes, awards and representation

We are proud to be part of the French Deep Tech environment. We are currently within the French National Investment Bank (BPI) Emergence program for high technological content companies.

We are represented within different locations:

Paris Area

Winners of the PEPITE Paris Saclay Regional Prize 2020, Winners of the Paris Saclay Startup Challenge, PEPITE Paris Saclay Ambassadors. We are also proud to be part of the MEDICEN Paris Network.

Burgundy Region

Incubated at DECA-BFC, we thank the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, Dijon Metropole and Macon Beaujolais Agglomeration for their trust. We are proud members of the BFCare association.

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