Medical research seems
so far away.

We bring it closer to you.

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Cancer care needs to re-invent medical decision making

Diagnostic and therapeutic tools are increasingly numerous, expensive and complex.

The promises of precision medicine are not kept, due to a lack of resources, time and decision-making aids.

Defining a new approach

Deep Learning is able to make sense of the vast amount of data contained in a biology tissue slide.

UMMON HealthTech’s software generates new, personalised and reliable information for the daily optimisation of oncology care.

Treat faster.

60 days

gained to initiate therapy.

more wisely.

200 %

optimisation of molecular biology platforms.

Enhancing the role of laboratory medicine.

½ billion $

of additional annual revenues for pathology laboratories.

Lowering costs.

+1 billion $

of annual savings for health systems.

Our technology

Your tissues have
so much to tell.

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We are a start-up combining expertise in AI, Biology and Medicine: we design models based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, which exploit databases of digitised images of biological tissues (smears, biopsies) and molecular biology data, in order to answer complex clinical problems.

This approach provides clinicians and their patients with personalised, unprecedented and reliable information contained in the image of biological tissue.


Our products

Automatic readers for biopsy and smear images. CE marked and patent protected, our software-devices improve the reliability of screening and generate time savings both in the screening act and in the management (positive cases being put at the top of the health practitioner’s worklist). All this contributes to increasing the chances of cure and generating savings for the paying agencies.

“chara-prAIdict” is an R&D project that aims to predict the presence of molecular alterations (DNA sequencing, transcriptomics, epigenetics, etc.) from a digitised image of a biopsy or surgical specimen. The aim is to optimise access to molecular biology platforms in order to urgently orient patients who can respond to innovative targeted therapies. The aim is to accelerate the most targeted therapeutic management possible. This will help to increase the chances of a cure and generate savings for the paying organisations.

The trust that a doctor, patient or health care organisation representative places in the results generated by an AI solution must be earned at every use. In addition to obtaining accreditation (known as Good Practice in Machine Learning), we are working on developing the first AI quality control software tools, which will ensure that the result conforms to the initial specifications at each use.

This project has received a grant from the Fonds Régional d’Aide à l’Innovation of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

If you are interested in learning more about our products or are looking for expertise like ours for your own solutions, we would be happy to talk to you.

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