Biology, Medicine & AI

It is at the junction of these 3 worlds
that the UMMON Healthtech
adventure was born.

Les fondateurs
Ummon is an Artificial Intelligence from the science fiction novel Hyperion by writer Dan Simmons. Its goal is that humans are not overtaken and enslaved by AI. Ummon defines our ambition: to serve the medical community by bringing them unprecedented information.

Precision oncology faces increasing complexity

The therapeutic arsenal in oncology is growing at an incredible rate, diagnostic tools are multiplying, and management is becoming increasingly complex. Faced with a reduction in the number of number of pathologists, the increase in the number of cancers and the growing complexity of complexity of diagnosis, AI seems to provide the solution. To date, the few applications of AI in health care allow reducing the workload of health care professionals. Our ambition is to go further in terms of improving the medical service rendered by using the potential of AI for predictive purposes.

Our contribution to the doctor of tomorrow

We are working at the intersection of AI, medicine and basic biology to identify new predictive biomarkers of treatment efficacy for oncologists, available to oncologists. These new biomarkers are then validated by clinical studies with pathologists and will be proposed in the pathologists and will be proposed during the analysis of the scanned image by our Ummon® software suite. In this way, we provide new knowledge and concretely improve the medical service rendered to patients.

Biology Medicine and IA

About Us

We are united by our love of technology and its potential to improve health. Some of us are big picture, some of us are experts in our field. And some of us love nothing more than to dive into a thorny technical challenge. But we are all inspired by human stories and driven by the desire to create solutions to the challenges of everyday medical practice.

We are also firmly grounded in the realities of modern business. Our social and environmental responsibility is thus at the heart of our decision-making. Our 3 cardinal values of empathy, professionalism and humility guide us, even after the contract is signed!

The management team

Louis Oscar Morel

Louis-Oscar Morel

Louis-Oscar Morel co-founded the company UMMON HealthTech and has been running it since June 2020. Louis-Oscar Morel holds a master’s degree in Data Science from the Ecole Polytechnique, has completed the HEC Challenge Plus training course and is following the MD-PhD training course at the INSERM School. He is responsible for the company’s strategic development.

Nathan Vinçon​

Nathan Vinçon

Nathan Vinçon co-founded UMMON HealthTech with Louis-Oscar Morel. Nathan holds a master’s degree in biology and health with a specialization in complex systems from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Several times finalist of prologin and international competitions in medical AI, Nathan joined the dual medical-sciences curriculum of ENS Lyon in 2018.

Georges-Igor Chagvardieff

Georges-Igor Chagvardieff

Graduated from ESSEC (Master Grande Ecole ESSEC & MBA, chair “Bioethics & Drug Innovation”), Georges-Igor joined the company in 2021, after 13 years in various MedTech companies at sales, marketing and strategy level in San Francisco, Hamburg, Salzburg and Dijon.

Yann Breck​

Yann Breck

After completing the “Database and AI” master’s degree at the University of Bourgogne, Yann Breck worked for 5 years at iBanFirst as Data Engineer then Lead Data Intelligence before joining UMMON HealthTech as CTO in 2021.

Scientific and Medical Advisors

Professeur Sylvain Ladoire


Professor of Histology at the Faculty of Medicine of Dijon, and oncologist specialised in the treatment of solid tumours.

Docteur Laurent Arnould​

(MD-PhD, directeur de l’innovation au CGFL)

Anatomopathologist, Dr Arnould specialises in the diagnosis of gynaecological cancers, particularly breast cancer.

Docteur Valentin Derangère


Lecturer at the Faculty of Dijon and pharmacist.

Professeur Fabrice Mériaudeau

(PhD, HDR)

Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bourgogne.

Docteur Henri-Philippe Morel


Anatomopathologist in the private sector and Director Innovation in the SYNLAB Group, the largest network of medical laboratories in Europe.

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What matters to us?

– Put people first. It’s about the people, not the tech.

– Push the boundaries. Who wants to do what’s already been done?

– Tell it like it is. Life is too short for miscommunication.

We’d love to hear from you if that sounds like your cup of tea!