General Introduction

Ummon HealthTech is a place where cutting-edge science meets innovative healthcare solutions. We are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through our range of products that utilize AI and deep learning techniques to improve disease detection, treatment effectiveness, and patient care. Here, we introduce our innovative solutions that aim to redefine the world of medical diagnostics and treatment.

1.Screening Assistance: Cervical cancer screening is done through a smear test that searches for the presence of abnormal cells in the cervix. Our product, the p16/ki67 AutoReader, helps identify cancerous cells which can be hard to detect, reducing potential medical errors and drastically speeding up the diagnostic process.

2. Virtual Molecular Biology: Molecular biology tests like DNA sequencing are critical for accessing innovative therapies, such as targeted treatments for cancer. Chara-prAIdict can predict the risk of gene mutation from a scanned image of a diagnostic biopsy, helping oncologists choose the right treatment.

3. Residual Disease Prediction: Predicting the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments is an essential challenge in oncology. Chemo-prAIdict helps to predict tumor chemosensitivity, allowing physicians to decide if a treatment would be beneficial for a patient. This innovation will be revolutionary for patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy.