Responding to the needs and challenges of clinicians and industry

Whether you are a clinician, a patient representative, an industrialist, or an AI expert, we look forward to hearing from you.



What if the answer to your clinical or medico-economic questions was in your data? Let’s create new medical knowledge with them, together.


Screening, companion testing,
chemo-prediction… AI is opening up new, often faster and more affordable ways to realise the promise of precision medicine.


The archives of slides, molecular biology data, genetics… even if not digitised, can have an impact on innovation.
Let’s talk about it together!

For the pharmaceutical industry

Molecule development

  • Identification of new tumor biomarkers.
  • Therapeutic response prediction.

Clinical trials

  • Development of companion tests and theragnostic biomarkers
  • Increase power of clinical trials by stratification of responder vs. resistant patients.
  • 2nd chance for clinical trials: identification of unnoticed responder sub-populations.