p16/Ki67 AutoReader: Revolutionizing Cervical Cancer Screening with Automated Cytology


Our p16/Ki67 AutoReader software leverages cutting-edge technology to automate the identification of double-labeled cells on p16/Ki67-stained, digitized smear images. This innovative solution is poised to transform cervical cancer screening, offering pathologists and pathology labs numerous scientific and professional benefits. Unparalleled Speed and Accuracy With p16/Ki67 AutoReader, cervical cancer screening is accelerated to an unprecedented level. […]

General Introduction

General Introduction Ummon HealthTech is a place where cutting-edge science meets innovative healthcare solutions. We are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through our range of products that utilize AI and deep learning techniques to improve disease detection, treatment effectiveness, and patient care. Here, we introduce our innovative solutions that aim to redefine the world of medical […]